Articulating Boom Lift "GTZZ15"

Detail :

Name : Articulating Boom Lift
Series : GTZZ15
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Description :
Used in situations where longer reach is needed such as construction sites, industries, and building/storage structural systems

        With a greater horizontal reach and gradeability than the majority of competitors, this is a fast and flexible diesel articulating boom lift with a great span height. Articulating booms in general are ideal for more complicated working environments, thanks to their multi-folding design. The boom itself is made of high strength steel to reduce weight and improve security. Automatic leveling by hydraulic system is safer and more reliable, avoiding the danger of leveling failure caused by electrical error. Excellent gradeability for its type means access to a wider range of sites.

        1) Strong loading capacity of 250kg
        2) Horizontal reach of 7.62m is greater than any competitor at time of writing (2017)
        3) Great grade ability - 30% for 2WD is higher than any other brand in China at time of writing (2017)
        4) Generous driving speed at max 7Km/h






Platform height max.

Working height max.

Lift capacity



14.8 m.

16.8 m.

250 Kg.



Model                                   GTZZ15     


Platform height max.                              48.55 ft (14.8 m)

Working height max.                              55.11 ft (16.8 m)

Horizontal reach max.                             25 ft (7.62 m)

Up and over clearance max.                   ft in (m)

Length - stowed                                     18.70 ft (5.70 m)

Width – stowed                                      7.41 ft (2.26 m)

Height – stowed                                     7.28 ft (2.22 m)

Wheelbase                                             6.66 ft (2.03 m)

Ground clearance                                   1.04 ft (0.32 m)

Platform size (L*W*H)                           4.75 ft*2.82 ft*3.70 ft

(1.45 m*0.85 m*1.13 m)


Max. platform occupancy            -

Lift capacity                                          551 lbs (250 kg)

Turntable rotation                                   355°

Platform rotation                                    160°

Drive speed - stowed                              04.34 mph (0~7 km/h)

Drive speed - raised                                00.68 mph (0~1.1 km/h)

Gradeability                                           30% (2WD), 40% (4WD)

Turning radius - inside                            5.90 ft (1.8 m)

Turning radius - outside                          14.76 ft (4.5 m)

Turntable tailswing                                 0 ft (0 m)

Max. allowable slope                             

Drive & steer model                               2WDx2WS / 4WDx2WS

Tire size / type                                       33x12-20/solid


Power source                                         Diesel

Driving Type    

Hydraulic system capacity                       140L

Battery specification      



Overall weight                                       15653 lbs (7100 kg) (2WD),

         16094 lbs (7300 kg) (4WD)

Standards Compliance                            CE/ ISO/ ADR/ ARAMCO