Scissor Lift "GTJZ1412"

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Name : Scissor Lift
Series : GTJZ1412
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This electric scissor lift benefits from programmable controllers (PLC), so that the machine allows for more accurate lifting, moving and turning actions.

        This electric scissor lift benefits from programmable controllers (PLC), so that the machine allows for more accurate lifting, moving and turning actions. Original imports for the joystick and switches are of high quality and are convenient to operate and remove as required.
By optimizing the control mode and control procedures, machine operation is more user-friendly and efficient, bringing peace of mind when it comes to safety and reliability. The imported battery brings reliable run-time and the entire unit is designed to be user friendly.

        1) Imported original battery offers 8 hours run-time under general conditions
        2) Highly stable - maximum gradient of longitudinal 3 degrees, lateral 1.5 degrees
        3) Special maintenance-free lubricated bearings on joint and scissor parts
        4) Platform features anti-slip pattern steel plate and drainage holes to prevent ponding





Platform height max.

Working height max.

Lift capacity



13.8 m.

15.8 m.

227 Kg.


Model                                                              GTJZ1412        


Platform height max.                                         45.27 ft (13.8 m)

Working height max.                                         51.83 ft (15.8 m)

Horizontal reach max.                                        ft (m)

Up and over clearance max.                                ft in (m)

Length - stowed                                                 9.05 ft (2.76 m)

Width - stowed                                                  3.77 ft (1.25 m)

Height - stowed                                                 4.10 ft (2.20 m)

Wheelbase                                                        7.28 ft (2.22m)

Ground clearance                                               0.328 in (0.1 m)

Platform size (L*W*H)                                      8.66 ft*2.65 ft*3.6 ft

(2.64 m*0.81 m*1.1 m)


Max. platform occupancy                                   2

Lift capacity                                                      500 lbs (227 kg)

Turntable rotation                                              -°

Platform rotation                                               -°

Drive speed - stowed                                          01.98 mph (0~3.2 km/h)

Drive speed - raised                                           00.49 mph (0~0.8 km/h)

Gradeability                                                      25%

Turning radius - inside                                       0 ft (0 m)

Turning radius - outside                                      8.39 ft (2.56 m)

Turntable tailswing                                            0 ft (0 m)

Max. allowable slope                                         3°

Drive & steer model                                           2WD * front-wheel

Tire size / type                                                  380x125mm/solid


Power source                                                    Battery

Driving Type                                                    Electric

Hydraulic system capacity                                 

Battery specification                                          300 Ah, 6Vx4


Overall weight                                                  6834 lbs (3100 kg)

Standards Compliance                                        CE/ ISO/ ADR/ ARAMCO